Rev. Ernesto Jurez Jr.

Parish Pastoral Administrator



Born: JUNE 22, 1976 • Ordained: DECEMBER 7, 2005

I was introduced to the priestly life by my grandmother when I was still a kid. I entered the seminary at the age of 12 and graduated high school at the Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary in the Philippines and I continued to the San Pablo Major Seminary for my college and finished college in the seminary. After a year in the Theology Seminary, I went out for 3 years and worked outside. I went back to the seminary and finished my Theological studies at the Immaculate Conception School of Theology in the Philippines. I was ordained in December 7, 2005 at the St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral in Vigan City, Philippines for the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia.

I was first assigned as an associate pastor for three (3) years at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish in the northern part of the Archdiocese from 2006-2009. After that in 2009, I was sent to be a pastor to Holy Child of Prague Parish, one of the remotest and poorest parishes in the archdiocese for three (3) yrs. It would take me a whole day to walk this mountainous area where I visited 41 small communities twice a month for sacraments and for pastoral programs. It was fun, exciting and challenging to work among the minorities or indigenous peoples. In June 2012, I was sent from this mountainous area to St. Isidore the Farmer Parish, along a coastal area of mostly farmers and fishermen where I visited 21 small communities every month.

After three (3) years, I once again returned to the mountains, this time to Our Lady of Lourdes parish a poor parish still subsidized by the archdiocese. However, my stay in this parish was cut short because my beloved Archbishop sent me to the Diocese of Honolulu for a mission, which I did not expect so soon. Nevertheless, our motto for our ordination was just appropriate "I will give you shepherds after my own heart." Jer 3:15. And to this I prayed, "Lord, not my will but yours be done." Amen.




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