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The Paschal Lamb

The Paschal Lamb is a very special symbol of Easter. It is obvious that it is rooted from the Jewish Passover event in the Old Covenant:  Read the Book of Exodus12:1-28.

Through the offering of the unblemished lamb whose blood was smeared on the doorposts and the lintels, the inhabitants of that house will be saved from the devastating “passing” of the Angel of Death. The blood of the lamb of sacrifice saved the Chosen People from death and brought them freedom from slavery.

The lamb is an important biblical animal. It symbolizes hope, life, offering, nourishment, salvation and freedom. It is also a symbol of endearment, humility, simplicity, nothingness.  The unblemished lamb symbolizes all that is good in man ... that which is worth offering to God!

It might give us an uncomfortable feeling to know that the lamb, in its total helplessness, is chosen to be the best to represent all that is human being offered to God. The lamb becomes the propitiatory offering, which takes the place man being offered to God.  It becomes a “substitutive” offering. It takes upon itself the sins of others.

In the New Covenant, the lamb becomes the Lamb of God! JESUS becomes the Lamb of God who takes upon himself the sins of the world. The offering is no longer just “substitutive” but more than that, it becomes, “redemptive,” ... truly “salvific”!  



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The Block Rosary began in neighborhood blocks in 1944 when thousands of families across the country would gather in each other's homes rotating weekly to pray for soldiers and families suffering in World War II, and for the victory of the Allied forces.

Block Rosary is a very important prayer to people in all walks of life. Praying the Holy Rosary is a very crucial prayer since we are giving importance to the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our lives. She is the Mother of all mothers’ in this world.

Image result for block rosaryIt is more than the recitation of the Rosary in private. The Block Rosary is comprised of a group of families, living in the same district. They agree to come and pray around the statue of the Blessed Virgin in or in front of the house of one of them. Every evening after the prayer meeting, which lasts for half an hour, the statue is carried to the next house by candlelight procession and to the accompaniment of singing. People are very keen to have the statue "sleeping at their house"! Thus they have the whole day to invite the neighbors to come in the evening to pray with them. In this way, "family prayer" becomes "neighborhood prayer."










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Parish & Diocesan Giving

For most Catholics, opportunities for giving begin in their parish and diocese.  Diocesan and parish stewardship programs should help individuals, families and  communities better understand why, in the context of a total commitment to stewardship that is planned, proportionate, and sacrificial, it is important to set goals for giving.  All Christian stewards must consider prayerfully the gifts they have received from God, and they should make a decision (in advance from the "first fruits" instead of what is left over after obligations have been met) about what will be given. Many parishes now offer electronic funds transfer options for the weekly offertory in addition to the traditional envelope system to help families and individuals meet their stewardship commitments